ABDRC received the application numbered 1,001

More than 1,000 Romanians have already submitted applications for conciliation with the bank or the NBFI with ABDRC this year. This threshold was exceeded on 30 October 2018. Most likely, by the end of December 2018, the number of applications will be more than double the number of those received in 2017, when 505 consumers approached the Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution Centre (ABDRC).

Of the total number of applications, more than 200 were submitted via the online application that became operational on the website www.csalb.ro just three months ago.

The Centre received the very first application in March 2016.



Seven times more casefiles resolved than in 2017

Following their negotiations with banks, as many as 280 Romanians found a solution to their problems in the first ten months of the year compared to only 40 during the same period in 2017.

“Since the beginning of the year, we have created more than 430 casefiles, and resolved 280 of them, which shows a strong increase in the work of ABDRC and, implicitly, an increasing awareness and interest from citizens in having their disagreements with banks settled amicably”, declared Alexandru Păunescu, member of the Steering Board of ABDRC.